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7 Trends From Semalt To Dominate SEO Marketing in 2017

Dominate SEO SEO, for most businesses, helps them stay ahead of their competitors. Understanding changes in SEO is necessary so as to adjust their content and SEO strategy to level up with the competition. Jason Adler, the leading Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, explains the dominating SEO trends of 2017: 1. Rise of […]

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Hashtags Open Virtual Doors

Hashtags  Open Virtual Doors If you are a lover of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr, by now you have surely seen how hashtags help people discover what others are saying about all sorts of topics: breaking news, sporting events, media events, entertainment – you name it! But have you used it to your advantage? […]

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Are Your Minding Your Smart Phone Ps and Qs?

Are Your Minding Your Smart Phone Ps and Qs? Ahhhh, the commodity of having the information highway at our fingertips! While many of us are now accustomed to having easy access to smart phones, we sometimes need to make note of the level of respect and courtesy we extend to those not only on the […]

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Five Top Ways to Boost Your Business on Facebook

Five Top Ways to Boost Your Business on Facebook We have the pleasure of working with many small businesses owners, who, along with implementing many other marketing methods, also manage a Facebook page for their business. If you have an online presence there are several ways to search engine optimize (SEO) and market your “baby,” […]

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Text Away With No Wi-Fi Nor Data Plan

Text Away With No Wi-Fi Nor Data Plan Oh, the things we Gen Xers will likely never take for granted! Making good use of old phones is one of them! My friend the other day was raving about how her son and a few of his friends had gotten a taste of independence recently when […]

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New Technology Enhances Landscapers’ Work

New Technology Enhances Landscapers’ Work My staff and I were just in a conversation with some clients about how technology helps enhance the lives of professionals in practically every field.  In that we help clients with services for their devices and websites, stemming from beauty salons to security systems, blogs to landscaping services, we are […]

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Spring Cleaning Online After a Breakup

Spring Cleaning Online After a Breakup Know what type of spring cleaning is the worst?  The kind dealing with trying to remove traces of one’s personal life from online platforms. In general, if anyone’s relationship is in any fashion temporary, the best plan to take is to lay low for some time, without sharing your […]

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High Tech Easter Hunts

High Tech Easter Hunts High Tech Easter Egg Hunts – A Great Introduction to Geocashing If I had ever been told back in my day that I would have a hand-held device that was to use GPS coordinates to help enhance my future kids’ search for Easter eggs, I would have quite possibly cracked, myself! […]

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Reliant Computer Repairs Announce New Winter Haven Shop

  Reliant Computer Repairs Announce the Launch of Their New Winter Haven ,FL computer repair Shop Finding quality and reliable computer, iPhone and iPad repair service can be daunting task. In the Winter Haven area, though, it has become much easier thanks to the third store expansion of the top local repair company, now opening […]

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Will You Say Cheese to DeepFace?

  Will You Say Cheese to DeepFace? Remember the scene from the movie Minority Report when Tom Cruise enters The Gap and is greeted by a 3D hologram?  Many of us had no doubt that this type of technology would not be too far off. But how far will technology go before we worry about […]

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