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Chris-hudson-Reliant-Computer-Services-300x199 About UsMr. Hudson’s extensive knowledge has placed him in lead way positions in companies such as JCPenny, Citi group, and others. With an Initial investment of a just an idea – Reliant’s client-centric approach was born. Since then reliant has continuously grown and adapted to the managed services sector to remain a leader in the technology-driven Florida environment alongside the national marketplace. With that idea Reliant computer Services enters into its 13th year as a leader in the technology sector in Lakeland, FL and surrounding Florida areas.

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Real world experience in building and implementing IT systems. Our consultants are practitioners, not theoreticians. Our core business is IT development, and we have a proven track record of designing, building and implementing business critical environments on time and budget. We thrive in the “our work speaks for its self-environment” long-term solutions and lasting relationships with our clients is essentially built on a foundation of trust and understanding of our client’s needs.

Empathy with our clients.

We understand the challenges of developing and implementing complex IT systems in today’s cost and time-pressured environments. When you talk to us, you will be talking with people who are familiar with the issues that you face.  Our help desk always available and in the United States. No answer machines or annoying push-button commands, only real people with real answers to your computer issues. Our telephone and remote support are second to none, and we believe you will be impressed as well. Read more from our computer repair blog

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Chris speaks to holly about the importance of wifi security.

Internet security lesson lays in case of Lakeland sex abuse

Posted: Mar 28, 2014 6:12 PM EST Updated: Apr 25, 2014 6:16 PM EST

By Holly Bounds – email


The investigation into a Lakeland man charged with sexual battery on children comes with a lesson for all of us who use computers.Neighbors were stunned when news broke that a man accused of sexually abusing children, videoing it, and sharing it online lived in their Lakeland neighborhood.But the Department of Homeland Security Investigations agent working the case has details that should be a wake-up call for all of us using the internet.“What was happening was the Wi-Fi connection that he was using was unprotected, so people were using his unprotected Wi-Fi connection,” Special Agent Shane Folden said.Not only did use of an open Wi-Fi connection delay finding 40-year-old Benjamin Cuadrado, it put someone with no involvement in the crime under the radar.“It’s another lesson for those who don’t encrypt or protect their Wi-Fi. At the time it actually delayed us a bit because we’re following an individual who looks like a potential target who actually wasn’t but that individual just wasn’t protecting their Wi-Fi,” Folden said.

Chris Hudson owns Reliant Computer Services in Lakeland and says something that just takes two or three minutes to set up can save you a lot of money and headaches that a criminal can easily cost you.“ say they want to look at porn. Maybe they want to use your computer for identity theft activities. Let’s say they want to do anything illegal without having quick detection that it’s them,” Hudson says unsecured Wi-Fi is the reason a lot of customers walk through his door. He offers the setup service for those who don’t want to give it a shot but he says if you’re confused, a quick how-to question in Google will bring you a step-by-step process.It’s a decision that could not only be a service to you, but also those fighting crime.“We went to the extent of knocking on doors,” HSI’s Folden said. “There’s nothing we won’t do to identify these individuals,”Hudson said the main sign that someone is using your connection is a recognizable delay in internet speed.Also, he suggests when it comes to making a security password, includes characters that are capitalized, numbers, and punctuation to make it almost impossible to detect.