Five Top Ways to Boost Your Business on Facebook

Five Top Ways to Boost Your Business on Facebook

We have the pleasure of working with many small businesses owners, who, along with implementing many other marketing methods, also manage a Facebook page for their business. If you have an online presence there are several ways to search engine optimize (SEO) and market your “baby,” and while Facebook is just one of those many ways, it is also an inexpensive and simple way to drive more eyeballs to your online efforts. The following are just reminders about how you can engage with your present and future clients to build community and business awareness.

Engage With Your Fans
Once you have completed your Facebook profile, be sure to regularly post interesting visuals, news bits, messages and quotes to offer value to your target niche, then be sure you have a Facebook Like button on the homepage of your website! Encourage interaction and enthusiastically follow and engage with other businesses who have fans interested in connecting with your business.
Keep in mind that you will want to share interesting content that most surely would appeal to your fans, so for starters, capture the attention and clients you have already acquired and direct them to your page by adding their photos, opinions, reviews, etc. , as well as news about your business. Ask your trusted friend influencers who have like-minded in interests to request likes from their friends (potential clients). Also, be sure to engage with your fans by asking and answering questions, and comment using your fun personality!

Link Posts
Direct your fans to your posts of choice. Ideally you will send them to a website landing page that engages them, provokes them to poke around your website, offers them a special or informs them of something new. You also are smart to share the link to your latest newsletter, event or press release! Likewise share your Facebook links in other social media platforms as to gain organic followers and also build organic strategic partnerships to keep the flow.
Promote a Special
Offer a special offer, exclusive discount or a coupon! Coupon codes during check-out at the register work well (great for tracking, too), as do 24-hour sales, free shipping, etc. When the word spreads that these specials are only currently going on for Facebook fans, word spreads (especially when free food is involved!).

Boost your posts
Boosting posts is an effective and affordable way to gain exposure for your content. You simply boost any post that you have on your Facebook page and it will gain more exposure in the target demographic (location, age, gender) of your choice. You have the opportunity to share interesting content, upcoming events or special offers or contests by reaching your current and new audiences. Other options for Facebook ads appeal to businesses, as well.
Track Your Success
Given that only 10-15% of your fans will see your (non-boosted) posts, you will want to surely work on gaining more fans, but the ideal way to do so is by captivating the attention by creating an online buzz!
By boosting your posts, checking Insights, encouraging engagement and conversation, you will how quickly the word can spread. Some also use measuring tools to optimize the experience, while gaining authentic traffic. Earned media is what happens when folks start to share your posts and special offers just because they love what they see; that is the best word-of-mouth there is! Your business can profit from both a return of investment and SEO love by your maintaining an online presence, so don’t forget to add Facebook management to the mix. I’ll give that one big LIKE to that!

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