Computer Hardware and Software Problems

Computer Hardware and Software Problems

Whether you’re new to the computing world or you’ve been using computer systems for years, there’s always the possibility something will happen that will make you realize you need some outside help. We’re here to help repair computer systems, by either bringing them back to working condition, or by upgrading them and making them better than they were to begin with. If you live in or near Lakeland, Florida, and are in need of some help with your computer, we have exactly what you need.

Computer purchases are important ones and the large sums of money that go into personal desktop computers, personal laptops, iPhones, and iPads are nothing to scoff at. If you’re thinking of abandoning your computer or handheld device entirely because it’s either become loaded down with viruses, spyware, or something seems to be wrong with the hardware, think of letting us see if we can repair it instead. Specifics like being sure to use the proper tools and instruments can be the difference between a successful repair or installation and a total system failure. The tiny details are easy to overlook and we have the experience necessary to make sure you’re able to retrieve all of your contacts, photos, important documents, etc., instead of possibly losing everything entirely because something in your computing equip is even slightly mismatched. Even if you’re a well-versed computer person and you think you can make the repairs yourself, consider letting us do the work for you.

Right now there are literally thousands of people trying to save a few dollars by trying their hands at doing computer repair on their own. The internet is full of people asking questions and equally as full of people answering those questions wrongly because they don’t have the knowledge and experience professionals do. If they can’t see exactly what your computer or mobile device has installed and exactly what might be causing you problems, there is no guarantee that those anonymous users on the internet can fix your issues and get you back in working condition. We offer computer repair and virus repair in the Lakeland area, and the areas surround the Lakeland, FL. Once we’re able to actually take a look at your computer, tablet or digital device, we can offer you proper solutions. In many cases, if hardware needs to be upgraded or replaced, having us take a look and fix your system is cheaper than doing it yourself, since professionals like us have access to less-expensive, better-quality parts than big chains with token phrases and titles offer to the public. Chains are focused more on income than quality technical and customer service, so you might be told you’ll need to purchase a brand new laptop or phone at full retail price, when the better solution could be to just replace one key part or install/remove one key piece of software that’s causing your software glitch. If an entire software overhaul is in fact needed, we can make sure you have all of your important files backed up so when you’re get your computer, iPhone or iPad back, it might even be like you never had any issues with them in the first place. Lakeland, FL trusts us with their computer repair needs and relies on our computer services and so should you!

Chris & Anthony have a long experience with computer and iPhone repairs and is well established and highly respected in Lakeland, FL. Their clients know that they can always rely on him and the staff of Reliant Computer Services to do an outstanding job and save them time and money from having to buy a new computer or phone.
Chris Anthony
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