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High Tech Easter Hunts

High Tech Easter Hunts

High Tech Easter Egg Hunts – A Great Introduction to Geocashing
If I had ever been told back in my day that I would have a hand-held device that was to use GPS coordinates to help enhance my future kids’ search for Easter eggs, I would have quite possibly cracked, myself!
Well, a need breed of scavenger hunts is here, and it is actually pretty entertaining!  Put on your hiking boots, grab your family and get ready for a some high-tech fun – namely “geocashing!”
What is geocashing?
Geocashing, around for about ten years now, is a free and fun craze for all ages! It’s a great way to experience an outdoor adventure as you search for hidden treasures – clearly an added twist to the familiar egg or scavenger hunts you are accustomed to. To begin one’s search the leader provides the seekers a hand-held GPS-enabled devise (or any smart phone with a free downloadable app) which provides the coordinates that lead to the cashe, enclosed in a notable container (consisting of goodies and a visitor log).
What to take with you:
Get ready for your fun like you would any other hike, which entails taking water, sunscreen, snacks and other supplies.  After you do a little research, you can determine what type of cashe you might want to take to exchange in the cashing posts. Trinkets like stickers, headbands, small figurines, etc. are common trading items.
After you find a geocash, you typically sign your name (take a pen to be safe) in a log book and take or trade little gadgets, then move on to the next cashe.
How to get started on a geocashing adventure:
Our friends at TechandTravelMom share in their blog, that, “More than 1.4 million Geocaches have been hidden, and found by more than 4 million people worldwide.”  They offer tips for your first geocashing adventure and easy steps to follow to find nearby geocashes via your iOS or Android.
Oh, and don’t forget your hiking stick and Easter bonnet!

Chris Anthony

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Chris Anthony

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