New Technology Enhances Landscapers’ Work

New Technology Enhances Landscapers’ Work

My staff and I were just in a conversation with some clients about how technology helps enhance the lives of professionals in practically every field.  In that we help clients with services for their devices and websites, stemming from beauty salons to security systems, blogs to landscaping services, we are constantly impressed when clients share with us their professional bags of tricks. How our clients use their phones and take advantage of new-and-improved software that offers value to their daily lives puts a smile on our faces!
I recently had a refreshing glimpse at the lives of landscape architects and landscapers, in general, and I had to give them two green thumbs up after getting a little run-down of how technology enhances landscape (I couldn’t help it!) of their professional lives.

Smart phones
I bet you knew I was going to start with that!  While not brand new to landscapers, mobile devices are still quite valuable in surveying land and in design, let alone as essential communication devices.  One landscaper recently shared how he used to rely on Polaroid pictures to do the trick (we both felt old, because been there, done that!!)! With added clarity and pixels, smartphones are key to plotting out potential designs, showing areas of concern and – yes – before and after pictures! There are a growing number of apps, too, which help landscaper professionals offer various design possibilities based on their unique space and preferences.
Mobile services that take credit cards via smartphones can also be a convenient way to have customers pay (as in grab them while you can!). Besides the efficiency, it can help reduce a client’s price, as well. The ability to take payments anytime and anywhere on one’s iPhone, Android or iPad is a service many find a win-win process. You just swipe, scan or key in a credit card and, with a free card reader, the payment is processed in no time and the boss is happy!

GPS Fleet Tracking
GPS tracking can be helpful for any business that offers a mobile service. Productivity and good management are key, so it comes in quite handy to track inventory, which items are being used most efficiently, optimal routes for drivers, and for checking that landscaper staff is at right location at right time. It has the ability to grab various data and turn it into maps, reports, graphs and charts that give clear and simple answers. It saves fuel, time, wear-and-tear on the vehicles and helps monitor landscapers’ employees. The technology also helps in tracking stolen or missing equipment, which is helpful to law enforcement in getting them back in the right hands becomes an issue!

David Golan of Lakeland FL landscaping  talks about the importance of technology and how it plays a roll in his day to day operations

State-of-the-art Software
Today the software choices available in the field would have blown away landscape architect protocol from back when I was a kid (hemmm, a few – hemmm- decades ago). Today’s architects at least need to have entry-level proficiency with Photoshop, Adobe Suite products or AutoCad. Just as an interior designer, painter or fashion designer uses computer-generated designs to offer a variety of options to clients, landscape architects need to get their hands dirty(sorry!) in the area of software design. Today clients look for 2-D and even 3-D technology to plan out their residential or commercial landscaping options.
Computer-generated models also offer the ability to demonstrate how water should be best delivered.  Designing anything entails estimating costs, and implementing an irrigation design is important not only to ensure a sufficient water supply for the project one is designing, but also so that considerations are taken in regards to potential concerns, conservation issues and costs.
Then there is the good-ol’ sketch pad that rears its head every now and then, reminding me that I am not that old!

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