Smart Phone Apps for the New Year and New You

Smart Phone Apps for the New Year

Many of us approach the new year with optimism and a sense of newness. We tend to “clean house,” if you will, and that includes how we approach technology, apps and yes, our smart phones to assist us with improving areas in our personal and professional life. Nothing short of a personal assistant can be handier than having a personal electronic devise to assist us in areas that we wish to be more on top of! The topics that many explore during the new year typically involve health, well-being, financial prosperity and health. To help in those areas, here are some ideal apps worth checking out – all in the name of the new-and-improved you!
Eat Better and Exercise
Have you been vowing to lose some weight or exercise more often? One of the most common resolutions is to take better care of our body by making better food choices. Fooducate offers a high tech approach towards steering you in the right direction and having your be accountable for your goals. Simply scan a product barcode to learn all you want to know about a food before you eat it, then gain access to healthful alternatives. The app comes equipped with a tracking feature that keeps tabs on your exercise and nutrition. Track your progress, take advantage of community support and pat yourself on your back! Free and compatible with all of your devices.
Search for a New Job
Looking for a new job in 2015? Indeed there is an app that can help! The app, Indeed Job Search, has a large, comprehensive job search engine that provides access to millions of available jobs (searches company websites and job boards) and also offers users the ability to search by using filters like location and salary. You will be able to experience the entire process of finding a new job, from searching to applying! Free for iOS and Android.
Keep a Budget
Your handy smart phone can help you stay on top of your spending and saving habits! Connect your existing banking and credit card apps and allow the app to use your monthly income and bills to help you create a reasonable budget. The app, Level Money, breaks down exactly how much you can spend each day, week and suggests a reasonable plan, by tracking your spending across various categories, such as food and transportation. The goal will be to help you take control of your money, offering you a complete picture of your financial situation, integrating your anticipated earnings, fixed expenses and anticipated savings. Always Free on iOS and Android.
Strive for Self Improvement
There never seems to be enough time in the day. 30Second Mom was created a busy mom of three who realized that today’s moms are busier than ever and are on their smart phones while on-the-go provides mobile moms with quick and helpful tips from other moms – each in about 30 seconds or less – delivered straight to their phones. Topics range from parenting, food, health and money to home, travel, beauty and more. Now to see how 30 seconds can help me with the laundry! Free and iOS compatible.
Go Green
As new laws begin to mandate that electronics get recycled, electronics owners might not be so savvy as to where to go to recycle their devices. iRecycle is an app that uses your current location to determine where the closest recycling center is for not only electronics, but for over 350 other materials, such as automotive waste, glass, hazardous material, metal, paint and more! Free for iOS and Android devices.
What apps will you use to help improve your life and your world in 2015?

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