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David Brant

I really appreciate the great service that I received at Reliant Computer Repair Services. I had another computer repair technician in Lakeland look at my laptop, was told I had a hard drive crash and to get my data recovery done, the computer repair would have to be sent to an outside hard drive recovery service in Tampa to be restored. I drive by the Reliant Computer store on South Florida Ave everyday, saw the FREE DIAGNOSTIC sign and thought I would get a second opinion to see if in fact my hard drive in my laptop was really that bad off. Chris pulled the hard drive out put into some gizmo that made my old drive function like an external hard drive, then I simply restored it onto my new laptop. If you ever have had a hard drive crash, you know how much I was relieved to get back up and running. This is locally owned and family operated store, I highly recommend them for all your I Phone repair, I pad Repair and all computer repair.
Chris Anthony

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