Apps That Help Parents Keep Tabs on Kids

Keep Tabs on Kids

Many of us might be familiar with our virtual smart car navigator’s drone voice alerting us, “You have arrived at your destination.” Chances are that as precautious parents, you will incorporate some form of smart phone locator service apps into your daily routine to alert you as to the whereabouts of your kiddos. Mobile phone devices use GPS-technology locators, now, which is very helpful for parents to keep tabs on their kids – particularly starting with Halloween and the holidays coming up. Here are some apps to consider:

Trick or Tracker 3.0 App: Parents can have peace of mind, knowing where their kids are at all times. GPS technology indicates the kids’ exact location, which is then sent to your phone through a text message. Parents can set up a “geo-fence” to be notified if the little munchkins try to travel outside the set perimeter you designate.

Life360 enables location sharing for each group you create and can be turned on and off whenever you want. Family members alert one another when they’ve each arrived at a destination. The app, with the tap of a button, offers minute-by-minute updates and real-time check-ins. It also lets you view safety points and threats that may be nearby.

Lookout App: And yet another one! Even if your phone’s GPS is off or the phone battery is dead, Lookout can still locate it on a Google map. You can manage your family’s cell phone mobile devices, and also back up photos, contacts, and call history.

Family Locator lets you know exactly where your children are when they’re out walking the neighborhood. Parents will be sent notices if the kids leave the defined parameter that parents set up.

Are you apped out, now? The following two other resources will likewise give you more peace of mind in regards to your precious ones:

iSafe Backpacks: A backpack equipped with an alarm system provides kids with an immediate signal for help. With the quick tug of a grenade-like pin hidden in the shoulder strap, the child can release an instantaneous help signal. The sirens can be heard within a 100-yard radius, sending signals in opposite directions. Likewise, a high-intensity strobe is activated and can be seen up to 500 yards away.

Child ID Kit: You do not need to go to a station to get your kids fingerprinted! The National Child Identification Program inkless fingerprint ID kit allows parents to take and store their child’s fingerprints in their own home. In an emergency, the card can immediately give law enforcement the vital information they need to help officials locate a missing child.

Ready now to loosen your parental leash?

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