Long distance relationships are on the rise

Top Ways to Enhance Your Relationships Online

Long distance relationships are on the rise in this new world of technology! Chances are you might even have met or married someone you met online! With the advances of technology, people forge new relationships, families stay connected, and couples’ relationships can grow and thrive like never before. With the holidays coming up, many will depend, even more, on long distance relationships.

Our advances help foster a feeling of closeness between couples, even though they are geographically miles apart. There are times when couples question themselves if it is worth it, yet they weigh the pros and hang in there! To not just rely on words on a screen, they thank Skype, FaceTime, Tango or WhatsApp for the ability to connect face-to-face in real time. Companions can converse, share their worlds, and even collaborate in creating bucket lists of what they might do when they can see each other in person. Seeing loved ones on our computer screens is a lot more personal and enriching than just sending emails or texts.

“I love watching inter-generational connections become meaningful ties, enabling families to stay connected in a more robust way than just by phone,” shares Stacey Ross, columnist at TheOnlineMom.com. Effort needs to be made, but with social media, video and other apps, there are loads of ways to keep ties.

As Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching, travelers get creative with their loved-ones or love interests. They can sing together, share a nice sunset virtually, open gifts together and even dine together! Not ideal for all, but when distance is a barrier, those handy devices sure become helpful tools!

There are 3.6 million Americans living apart from their spouses according to natcom.org. It is surprisingly a large number. Due to of military duty or the need to commute long-distance for work, challenges are posed to many relationships. You have to get creative to bridge the distance, which means loved-ones might need to remain apart for a time being. Sending virtual surprises, notes, photos and sweet messages reminds loved-ones how important they are and how much you love them. Show them your projects and pictures of what you are up to. Reinforcing positive things will be key to keeping ties.

Authors, Malcom Parks and Kroy Floyd, in their publication “Making Friends in Cyberspace,” share that partners will share more their most inner thoughts more readily compared to those that who just interact every day face-to-face. Even though long distance relationships pose challenges, they stress, “…cyberspace is simply another place to meet. Just like people who meet in other locales, those who meet in cyberspace frequently move their relationships into settings beyond the one in which they met originally.” They also point out that there is a notion of being removed and

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