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Smart Phone Apps for the New Year and New You

Smart Phone Apps for the New Year Many of us approach the new year with optimism and a sense of newness. We tend to “clean house,” if you will, and that includes how we approach technology, apps and yes, our smart phones to assist us with improving areas in our personal and professional life. Nothing […]

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Five Must-See Christmas Websites Kids

Five Must-See Christmas Websites Kids   By now your kids are out of school for the holiday break and their stockings are hung on the chimney with care. Perhaps, if you are one of those holiday shoppers most of us envy, you also have your Christmas shopping all done and wrapped, too, already! Either way, […]

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Tips for Smart online Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping Chances are that you will be doing some online shopping this holiday season. Before surfing the Internet for all of your favorite holiday must-haves and bargains, take into consideration a handful of smart and safe tips and your season (I promise you) will be a little or a lot brighter. You have important […]

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How Tech-Savvy Shoppers Save Money

Shoppers Save Money During challenging economic times we tend to celebrate when we score deals on things we know we already want. With a little investment planning and tech-savvy investigation, smart shoppers can save big when they use their computers and smart phones to assist them with shopping both online and offline. Taking advantage of […]

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Long distance relationships are on the rise

Long distance relationships Top Ways to Enhance Your Relationships Online Long distance relationships are on the rise in this new world of technology! Chances are you might even have met or married someone you met online! With the advances of technology, people forge new relationships, families stay connected, and couples’ relationships can grow and thrive […]

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Apps That Help Parents Keep Tabs on Kids

Keep Tabs on Kids Many of us might be familiar with our virtual smart car navigator’s drone voice alerting us, “You have arrived at your destination.” Chances are that as precautious parents, you will incorporate some form of smart phone locator service apps into your daily routine to alert you as to the whereabouts of […]

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Top Five Beginning Literacy Apps

  Literacy Apps One of my many hats over the years has been tutoring students of all grade levels and languages. The world of opportunities and options has literally opened up in the palm of our hands! The following apps offer hours of affordable to free educational and entertainment value in one! Flashcards for Toddlers […]

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Tips for Limiting Your Kids’ Screen Time

limiting Your Kids’ Screen Time I recently had a friend share with me that he feels rotten when he tells his Kindergarten daughter that she has spent enough time on her iPad. She seems to be thriving, but she also would stay on it for half the day if he’d let her! I relate, because […]

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Your Quick Guide To Computer Repairs !

Your Quick Guide To Computer Repairs Running into a problem with your computer can be nothing short of a drag, especially when you lack the technical expertise to fix it back up!  Fortunately, you can learn about the various problems your computer could experience down the road; that way you can identify problems quicker and […]

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